¿Who we are?

Our company

We are suppliers and distributors of food and foodstuffs mailny from South America. We offer our experience and knowledge to assist our clients in maximizing their purchases, while devoting our resources to develop worthy relationships with both our clients and suppliers, always focusing on their mutual growth and benefit.


To become the most respectable South American food and foodstuff supplier, based on our commitment and dedication in developing reliable businesses.


To guarantee quality, competitive prices and efficiency in all our businesses. To be experts in the knowledge of the products we commercialize and to know deeply our target markets.
To encourage our suppliers and clients to diversify their products and markets of origin and destination.

We work in association with S. Sea trading LLC. since 2019.

Our products

Chicken cuts

– Chicken breast
– Leg quarter
– Tigh + drumstick
– Chicken tigh
– Chicken drumstick
– Joint wing
– Inner fillet


– Heart
– Gizzard
– Liver
– Neck
– Paws
– Carcass

Beef cuts

– Rib Plate
– Shortloin
– Rib Set
– Hindquarter
– Forequarter
– Outside
– Inside
– Eye Round
– Top Sirloin
– Rump Cap
– Shoulder Clod
– Cutaneus Trunci
– Thin Flank
– Chuck Tender
– Knucke
– Heel Muscle
– Tenderloin
– Striploin
– Spencer Roll
– Skirt
– Brisket
– Chuck Roll
– Neck

Beef offal

– Kidney
– Heart
– Tongue
– Tail
– Tripe
– Sweetbread
– Liver
– Spleen
– Aorta
– Cheek Meat
– Tendon
– Lips
– Brain
– Lung

Monoflora honey

Citrus honey (citrus sp.)
25% citrus pollen grains

Eucaliptus honey (eucaliptus sp.)
70% eucaliptus pollen grains

Clover honey (trifolium sp.)
Mix of grain pollen from melilotus, alfalfa and lotus, reaching a minimum value of 45%

Alfalfa honey (medicago sativa)
20% alfalfa pollen grains

Polyflora honey
Water white 0 to 8 mm.
Extra white 8 to 17 mm.
White 17 to 34 mm.
Extra light amber 34 to 50 mm.
Light amber 50 to 85 mm.
Amber 85 to 114 mm.
Dark amber 114 mm. Up

The honey is conditioned in metal drums of abt. 330 Kgs. which are suitable for the appropiate storage, providing protection against contamination.


We sell products to different countries, such as Germany, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Benín, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Korea, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, United States, Georgia, Equatorial Guinea, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Montenegro, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, United Kingdom, Republic of the Congo, Romania, Russia, South Africa and Taiwan, among others.

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